Attempting to figure it out


I recently learned you can be considered first generation at different stages of your education. I am a first gen PhD student. I often find myself wondering if I know what I’m doing – especially when I accidentally learned the difference between student and candidate via twitter.

During my first year as a full-time academic librarian I participated in a formalized mentoring program within the state. While I made a connection to another librarian and learned more about public libraries, the program was lacking in organization and goals to solidify our purpose. Our conversations were often, “so, what are we supposed to be doing?”

Entering into a PhD program, I was assigned an advisor. Somehow I was able to get through undergrad and graduate school without ever meeting with an advisor. I am learning how to best utilize this relationship to benefit me however I’m not sure I know what that even means.

This is all to say, it is okay not to know what you are doing all the time. I have found that Ginger Williams Self-Mentorship Toolkit beneficial throughout my career. The newly launched Librarian Parlor is having a huge impact in creating a community by answering questions not found elsewhere.

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